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previously, tips #1 & 2 – Buenos Aires


more thoughts from my stop in Buenos Aires earlier this year…

tip #3: eat some steak. please don’t order it well-done.

thanks to a scene from “While You Were Sleeping” (a cute Sandra Bullock movie) where Saul says “Argentina has great beef”*, my taste buds started salivating at the thought. it’s been a long, drooly, 17 years.


this amazing steak was approx. $12-15 CDN

i was urged passionately by an Argentinian not to get steak more than medium doneness, his worry so strong that i would reinforce his belief of North Americans totally overcooking their steaks. i agree, it is a tragic waste, especially when medium-rare provided the perfect tenderness and chew, and plenty of juices full of great flavour. i wish i had a photo to show you, but the steak was so good it had my full attention.

if you’re wondering what might contribute to Argentinian beef being so great, for starters, grass-fed cattle are still much more popular, and the taste of the meat will differ from what most of us grain-fed beef eating North Americans are used to (with some exceptions of course). combine that with the way Argentines grill their meat. and the proverbial cherry on top is the value – the equivalent cost of a basic steak in a chain restaurant like the Keg would get you one of the top steaks in Buenos Aires (and i bet it would be mind-blowingly good).

*love the randomness of the conversation in this scene

tip #4: it is free to visit Casa Rosada but go early.


if the song “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” is unfamiliar to you, you probably don’t know that much about Evita (aka Eva Peron), or at least not the musical version of her story. an iconic scene that gets associated with her (and depicted in musicals and the movie version) is when she steps out onto the balcony of the Casa Rosada (the Pink House, office of the President of Argentina).

they offer free guided tours so after you enter the building, you get a ticket and wait some more. if you don’t speak Spanish, hopefully you will get a decent English-speaking tour guide, or take on the challenge to really listen attentively :)

in case you don’t make it there, or don’t plan to go, here’s what the view is like from that balcony (you can pretend you are the prez and this is your office and that queue going into the building are your people).


tips #5 and #6 to follow…

did you know Argentina is known for having good beef? if you’ve tried it, do you agree?