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some thoughts on my brief visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

tip #1: if going in winter (summer up here in the northern hemisphere), pack some warm clothes.

first thing to note for anyone that requires some geography refresher – Buenos Aires is quite far south.  its latitude is roughly the same as Cape Town, South Africa.  perhaps this is showing my poor geography knowledge as a south american virgin prior to this trip, but wow, who knew?!  it’s not as cold as winter can be here at home, but wearing 2 layers underneath a gap fleece pullover isn’t quite enough.  clothes aren’t as cheap as you may think, and chicks, don’t expect to find any hoodies.  Argentinian women must take after the French (see tip #2 for more) – there is no casual wear that includes hoodies or yoga pants (off topic – someone pointed out to me recently that women wearing yoga pants in public is definitely a Canadian thing, not a North American thing.  thoughts?)

isn't it lovely inside Cafe Tortoni?

isn’t it lovely inside Cafe Tortoni?

to warm up, have a coffee in any number of cafes, modern, retro, or perfectly european.   the churros at Cafe Tortoni, the oldest coffee shop in Argentina were some of the best i’ve eaten anywhere!


tip #2: in winter, wearing black, stylish clothing can help any visiting female fit in better (note to blonde women, which i’ve been told, will result in heads turning if any of your golden locks are visible, regardless of what you wear. this probably goes for men too. regardless, blonde bombshells, get ready to feel like a celeb!).


except for the palm tree, in a glance, i would have wondered if this was Paris

further to the part about no hoodies (see above)…Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of South America”.  indeed, some of the architecture and the city’s good food and wine share similarities with the City of Light.  i felt the commonality in overall pace of life walking around main streets and neighbourhoods in the city centre.  and everyone just seemed pretty fashionable and put together as they hurried along, often dressed in black.  without having been there in the summer, i can’t comment if the colour scheme changes.  but i’m sure the flip flops that would pass the style test won’t be the cheap wear-to-the-beach variety.

tips #3 & 4…

have you been to Buenos Aires? what are your thoughts on the city?