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covent garden

covent garden

Christmas time in London is lovely, with many lights on the main streets and various Christmas trees throughout the city.  although i have been to London before the holidays in the past few years, for whatever reason, i only just learned about “winter wonderland”.

since 2007, hyde park in london, uk, hosts “winter wonderland”, running from late november and ending in early january. a German Christmas market type feel, with added fair rides (think CNE), you can do some souvenir or Christmas shopping or just go for the food and the atmosphere.


if you just want something free to do for an evening, this can also be a good option, since there is no charge for admission.


various rides and amusement park games are available (does cost $)

various rides and amusement park games are available (does cost $)



wooden ties, anyone?

wooden ties, anyone?

so, onto the food.

you can get burgers, and pizza and maybe some healthy veggie friendly food from various stalls. the likes of bratwurst and currywurst are pretty popular, and rightly so – German sausages never go out of style. especially if cooked on a huge circular grill, pretty awesome.


potato pancakes, crepes, churros, fries, mulled wine, mulled cider, beer…





this is the sort of Christmas/winter market i would love to have at home. the rides i guess might be a tough sell if we have a particular snowy and/or cold december, but it seems like something that would be totally feasible down at the Exhibition midway area.

i would love to return again during this time period in future years. getting ready for Christmas with some festive outings at Christmas markets really adds to the holiday season for me.

have you been to London around the holiday season?  what are things worth doing/seeing in the city around this time of year?

to those that also celebrate – Merry Christmas! Happy holidays to all!


a Christmas tree in Southbank