i love receiving snail mail. i miss the traditional pen and paper letters, the true ‘pen pal’ correspondence of my childhood. these days, the only personal mail i get are postcards, and maybe a few Christmas cards around the holidays. to do my part to keep Canada Post and other countries’ postal services going ;) and in the hopes that others will enjoy getting something tangible addressed to them, i have tried to maintain postcard sending while abroad.

it was particularly devastating to learn recently, that for over 9 years all my snail mail to one close friend were being sent to an incorrect address (sorry!). it saddens me to think that for the Christmas cards at least, the people who got all this mail couldn’t do me the courtesy of returning the envelope to sender. but hey, i hope they at least enjoyed reading the postcards and letters!

sending postcards gives me an opportunity to share a snippet of my travels with friends and family. and usually, it’s also a great excuse to pick a nice looking cafe, order a coffee or tea, write my cards and watch life unfold wherever i happen to be.

i found out about a postcard project on MyPostcardFrom, and hope to contribute before the project ends. in addition, there are more travel adventures to be read on the blog! head over to find out more, and also to read my guest post about my visit to Okinawa, Japan!:)