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previously, tips 1 &2, and tips 3 & 4 from my reflections on Buenos Aires…


tip #5 visit a market, but be smart and keep valuables close at hand.

Buenos Aires has different neighbourhoods and the weekends (particularly Sundays) are the days when markets are filled with people.

it's hard to see in the photo, but the sea of people continues to infinity (ok, as long as the street keeps going)

it’s hard to see in the photo, but the sea of people continues to infinity (ok, just seems that way, it’s a pretty long street)

there are markets for food, jewellery, crafts, antiques…the San Telmo market is known for antiques.  it was really something.  so many knick knacks…



and even a place filled only with dolls (*shudder*).


i met an Irish girl while i was in Brazil who foolishly did not lock her backpack (or wear it on her front) and her wallet got snatched by a smooth criminal (unintentional pun, i swear).  like any other big city filled with people, common sense is important but in an unfamiliar city, amp up the safety quotient a couple notches.  the necessity of this was unfortunately a reminder more than once on this trip.  even so, i personally never had any problems.

tip #6 tango – see a show, take a lesson, or just pose for a touristy photo.


Argentinian tango is pretty awesome.


it’s easy to get a ticket to a tango show, the quality of dance, the type of environment, price of ticket etc. vary greatly, but it’s well worth seeing this dance in the city where it originated.  just like no trip to the Andalusia region of Spain is really complete without watching some flamenco, Argentinian tango is worth checking out.  maybe have some steak (see tip #3) and some good Argentinian red wine and enjoy a show (beforehand, or do a dinner-show combo).


if you visit the touristy area of La Boca (known for their football (soccer) team and great-player-at-the-time-but-what-the-heck-happened-post-retirement Diego Maradona, as well as for very unsafe areas, especially at night), you can get to semi-dance and pose for photos like this lady did (for a fee, naturally).



to be continued…with the final post (for now) about Buenos Aires…

do you like going to markets in other cities? have you ever danced Argentinian tango?