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açaí – the Brazilian antioxidant rich fruit you see in the natural food store in expensive juice or nutritional supplement powder form is commonly eaten in its home country as “açaí na tigela”.

açaí na tigela

my first açaí bowl – made for a great snack!

the frozen açaí berries are mashed and usually topped with granola and banana.  it’s like having a bowl of sorbet, and it’s very tasty!  açaí juice is also an option.  

it was pretty easy to find places serving açaí na tigela, whether they were independent little cafes or ones that appeared to be a chain.

highly recommended to me prior to my visit to Brazil, i can now join the pro-açaí camp :)  since you can’t find the frozen dish in the GTA (that i know of), i definitely recommend sampling a bit (or a lot!) whenever you find yourself in Brazil.  bom apetite!