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the town of Cancale, just 15kms east of St-Malo, is known for its oysters. apparently the oyster farms produce about 25 000 tons each year. an oyster market (le marché aux huîtres) by the water is open daily.

on the day we arrived in Cancale, we managed to squeeze in a stop to the market 15 mins before the 6pm closing. you can buy oysters (by the half dozen or dozen) at really good prices from the handful of stalls, and pay 0.50€ extra to have them shucked for eating, and another 0.50€ for lemon if you desire.

trying the wild ones (savauges) revealed it was definitely worth the extra 0.50€ a dozen over the largest farmed ones (size 1) – oyster lovers would appreciate the extra depth of flavour.  i had already gotten my hands dirty before thinking to take some more photos, so most of these ones here are courtesy of Mary (who had the willpower to not dive right in like me) :)

so take your plastic plate, sit and look out at the oyster beds while you enjoy some tasty oysters, and if you’re sitting on the steps, discard the shells amongst the ever growing pile at your feet.

tip: bring hand wipes!  the lady at the stall we purchased from was nice enough to let us dry off our hands on her towel, which was better than nothing.